Client Comments

For physical therapy at its best, I recommend Laurie Cosenza, a uniquely trained professional whose treatments lead to remarkable results…

D.B., yoga instructor

Laurie has a talent for bringing the Body into Balance, a place that generates and supports good health! …Well worth the trip from New Haven to South Windsor!

Shiela S.

In 2006, I had a lumpectomy for breast cancer. I received chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Only the radiation oncologist addressed my scar tissue from surgery suggesting some arm exercises. I did those exercises during the many weeks of radiation therapy. I still had hard areas of scar tissue after I stopped the exercises. Laurie Cosenza has been able to help dissipate the remaining scar tissue….in one session with just using part of my hour visit. (2009)

Angie D., retired teacher

Laurie Cosenza is an amazing healer….(She) has the hands of an angel and the way in which she heals with them is amazing…

Jill S., Teacher

My experience with Laurie has been wonderful! She is kind, caring, professional and a very knowledgeable physical therapist. Laurie is very intuitive and has always been able to get my body exactly where it needs to be. I always leave my session feeling so good, it is hard to stop smiling!

Liz F., Artist

I met Laurie at a health fair and she helped me within two minutes of meeting her. She combines energy and manual therapy to make you feel aligned both physically and emotionally without the cracking and pain. She can tell where your pain is just by touching you. I have never experienced anything like what Laurie offers and I am 100% behind her work.

Chris I., Sales Rep

We’re told that we have to accept the aches and pains that come with aging; that’s just the way it is. Not true! Working with Laurie over the last four years mine have dropped away and I feel better than I did 20 years ago. Regular tuneups with her keep me loose and limber. Although what she does seems like magic it’s wonderful preventive medicine and keeps me healthy.

Jon R., Communication

When I first came to Laurie I was in a lot of pain from bone spurs in my neck. She was able to relieve the pain, put me back into alignment and strengthen my neck muscles. Laurie can feel where the origin of the pain is and correct it with her "magic hands". I have recommended her to many people. I believe that she can keep one ‘in function'. Keeping me in alignment is key and I will be forever in her debt.

Jean R., Nurse

I went to see my primary care physician thinking I may have carpal tunnel syndrome because my hands had started hurting about 6 months prior. By the time I went to see the doctor, I could not accomplish simple tasks nor could I pick up my one year old without using my forearms under her arm pits which hurt like crazy due to the shooting pain in my hands and up my arms. The doctor suggested surgery to relieve the pain. My mother suggested I try her physical therapist, Laurie Cosenza. After my first visit and every one after that the pain decreased measurably. It was amazing that I was able to hold things and even change diapers and accomplish simple tasks even after the first visit. To think I was considering surgery when after nine visits with Laurie, I was pain free.

Katie G., Mother